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Jannette Bailey PhD MBA

Operations & Sales Manager

Jannette Bailey is a dynamic and accomplished member of our team, specializing in change management, senior facilitation, motivational speaking, coaching, and training development and design. With extensive experience in the field of organizational change, Jannette brings a unique skill set to Kheiron Nutraceuticals.

As an international presenter, senior facilitator, and keynote speaker, Jannette has a proven track record of guiding organizations through transformative change initiatives. Her expertise in executive coaching, instructional design, and webinar instruction has made her a sought-after resource for Fortune 500 companies.

Jannette's ability to create engaging and interactive learning environments sets her apart, making her an invaluable member of our team. She is committed to facilitating positive change and growth, both within our organization and for our clients.

Connect with Jannette Bailey, PhD, MBA, on LinkedIn to discover more about her extensive experience and her dedication to fostering positive change in the world of holistic wellness and education.

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